Pillar Church of Stafford is part of a gospel-centered network called The Praetorian Project. The network’s mission is to establish Christ centered churches near military installations worldwide. The network’s goal is to exist to know Jesus and make Him known within the community.

Pillar Church of Stafford’s goal in fulfilling Matthew 28:16-20 is supporting other Pillar Churches and like minded churches internationally, locally, and nationally. Our support of these churches consist of prayer and as leadership is led to support these churches financially. Following is a list of churches we support:

Future Church Plants


King’s Church DC (http://www.kingschurchdc.com) is looking to launch in Washington, DC within 2017. They are in need of items in preparation for launching and to establish a church in Washington, DC. To view their Amazon wish list, you can go here or download this PDF.

Current Planting Partners


Foundation Church of Fredericksburg (http://www.foundationfxbg.com) was established in 2015. Pillar Church of Stafford sent out pastor Bobby Olivari, his family, and a small group from Pillar Church of Stafford to plant a Christ-centered church in downtown Fredericksburg. Foundation meets on Sundays at 10am above Picker’s Supply.

Pillar Church of Okinawa (https://pillarokinawa.com) was started in the fall of 2015 by Johnny Ransom. The congregation has recently moved to meeting in a building outside of Kadena Gate Two.

International Like-Minded Churches

Bali, Indonesia: Love and Grace

Reekyavik, Iceland: Loftstofan Baptist Church

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Pillar Church locations in the United States.